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There is a number next to the color on some products, what does the number mean?

The number correlates to the number on the manufactures website http://www.relaxsan.it/.

http://www.relaxsan.it/ there is a lot of products that you don't have at butik21.com. How can I get those products?

Send us an e-mail stating what you want and we will order it for you. Normally we have the products within 5 working days and then they are ready to be sent to you.

If I order an item that is broken or I get the wrong item what do I do?

If anything with the order is incorrect send us an e-mail and we will give you instructions on how to return the product. You will be compensated for all expenses and will of course receive a new product without any cost.

Can I call you if I have a problem and need to talk to someone?

Of course. In Sweden call 08-27 88 50, if we are to busy to answer leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible. 

What company is running butik21?

The company is Nyström Health and Medical Supplies AB. You can visit
http://www.nhmsupplies.com/ and read more.